Pole Care



Proper care of your pole should lead to problem free use. Like all kit, it will last longer with a bit of 'TLC'

Store clean and dry.

To avoid any problems, please don't clean with any lubricants, over tighten the sections or extend beyond the stop markings when using.

In addition, here are a few other helpful hints:

For hikng/walking poles, separate the three sections for a smaller pack size when putting them in a rucksack/suitcase for travelling on aircraft to prevent damage.

If you over tighten your pole - wear a pair of rubber gloves to get a firm grip to loosen the pole (do not twist the pole end caps).

Broken sections can be replaced and we can supply new baskets, ferrules etc.

Using a pair of poles provides improved stability and ease of walking

Use a Mountain King rubber ferrule when walking on pavements to prevent the pole slipping

We recommend you remove your hand from the strap when descending a gradient