Traditional 'T' handle on a modern 3 section aluminium alloy pole

The walking  pole range includes speed lock or twist lock poles, compact or super compact (speedlock only).  All these poles have rubber ferrules available and come with a small basket.

Wayfarer Speedlock

The Wayfarer and Country poles provide improved stability on uneven ground.

Which one do you need? The Wayfarer is made of top quality 7075 aluminium alloy and has a tungsten carbide wear tip, whilst the Country is 6013 aluminium alloy with a steel tip. 

The carbide tip is sharper and harder wearing and helps prevent the pole slipping.  Fit a Mountain King rubber ferrule for use around town or where the ground needs protection from the carbide or steel tip.

Wayfarer Speedlock Super Compact

7075 aluminium alloy, 'T' grip, steel tip, speed lock, trekking basket. Rubber ferrule available.

Length 48 - 92cm, weight 232g

Wayfarer Twist Lock

7075 aluminium alloy, 'T' grip, tungsten carbide tip, twist lock, trekking basket.  Rubber ferrule available.

Length 62 - 120cm, weight 230g


6013 aluminium alloy, 'T' grip, steel tip, trekking basket.

Length 62 - 120cm, weight 230g