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Whether you are taking on the highest peaks in the world, running an ultra marathon or exploring local walks, choose Mountain King

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Made in Great Britain, Mountain King manufactures a superb range of trekking, hiking and ultra running poles. We make poles for everyone from casual walkers to adventure seekers, mountain explorers to ultra endurance runners.

Congratulation to Maggie  Dempsey, completing her Everesting event in 22hrs running up the  Pen Y Fan until reaching  8,848 m of vertical assent!  A fantastic achievement and a True Trailblazer!

Congratulation to Howard Dracup who  broke the record for the Steve Par Round, completing it in 42 hrs 37 mins! Breaking the 35 years record! A True Trailblazer! https://www.instagram.com/howard.dracup/?hl=en

Congratulations to Jordi Gamito - 3rd place UTCAM06

Running with poles training days - Girl on Hills:

Book a place on the Running with Poles workshop currently planned for September 2020 organised by Girls on Hills. (Event open to men and women). This event aims to improve your efficiency and stability whilst running and gives a great opportunity to find out what size and which poles are right for you. Try them out on the trail! To book, go to -  https://runningwithpoles.eventbrite.co.uk


Donnie Campbell running the Munros Challenge - (All Scottish Munros in less than  a month.)