- Ideal for embarking on a new journey -

An excellent option for intermittent hikers or those not requiring a technical pole. Within this selection, you'll find poles with varying levels of features, enabling you to select the most suitable combination for your preferences. 

The Hiking range is crafted from durable 6013 aluminum alloy, and all poles in this lineup come equipped with steel wear tips.


Featuring Pro6013 aluminum alloy construction, an ergonomic cork/rubber grip, a sturdy steel wear tip, switchable anti-shock mechanism, and a convenient trekking basket, these poles offer a versatile and lightweight solution. They can be adjusted from 64 to 135 cm in length and weigh just 260g.


Constructed from high-quality 6013 aluminum alloy, these poles boast an ergonomic rubber grip, a durable steel wear tip, integrated anti-shock technology, and a practical trekking basket. Their adjustable length ranges from 63 to 135 cm, and they weigh a mere 265g, making them a lightweight and reliable choice.


Crafted from resilient 6013 aluminum alloy, these poles feature a comfortable rubber grip, a sturdy steel wear tip, and a practical trekking basket. With an adjustable length spanning from 62 to 135 cm and a featherweight design at just 240g, they're a fantastic choice for your outdoor adventures.