How do I choose the length of Trail Blaze/Skyrunner?

Stand with boots or trail shoes on and fist clenched as if holding a pole (arm at a 90 degree angle). Measure from the top of your thumb to the floor. 

It's difficult for us to advise exactly as shoe height, arm and leg length all make a difference. Please contact your local Mountain King retailer if you need any more help.

Do I need baskets?

The small basket is useful for boggy ground/light snow to stop the pole sinking into the ground. The larger basket is for use in the snow. Both baskets are vital in the wetter and more boggy conditions to help prevent your poles from sinking in to the ground. 

Do I need antishock?

Antishock is great for down hill sections when more weight is put on the poles as it reduces jarring (not available on Trail Blaze, Skyrunner or Speedlock poles).

For uphill sections compressing the spring is a waste of energy and so the antishock can be turned off (where this option is available), increasing the benefit of using poles.

For backpackers and those carrying heavy loads the Expedition  Expert has two springs in tandem giving progressively increased resistance. This is particularly beneficial for demanding users.

How to use on off antishock?

Operate by tightening the middle section until a click is felt. Tighten a further quarter turn. At this point the antishock is off. To turn on the antishock simply untighten the middle section slightly to feel the click again. The antishock is now turned on.

Getting to grips

The adjustable wrist strap is used by sliding the hand up through the strap and then grasping the grip. Adopting this method will allow you to relax your grip slightly.
We recommend you remove your hand from the strap when descending a gradient.

Pole care

  • Proper care of your pole will keep your pole in good condition and always ready for use. Like all kit, it will last longer with a bit of 'TLC'.
  • Store clean and dry; if the pole has become wet it is important to separate each of the sections and allow to dry.
  • When the pole is stored please remember to loosen the expanders.
  •  Please don't clean with any lubricants, over tighten the sections or extend beyond the stop markings when using.

In addition, here are a few other helpful hints:

  • For hiking/walking poles, separate the three sections for a smaller pack size when putting them in a rucksack/suitcase for travelling on aircraft to prevent damage.
  • If you over tighten your twist lock pole - wear a pair of rubber gloves to get a firm grip to loosen the pole (do not twist the pole end caps).
  • Broken sections can be replaced and we can supply new baskets, ferrules etc.
  • Using a pair of poles provides improved stability and ease of walking
  • Use a Mountain King rubber ferrule when walking on pavements to prevent the pole slipping
  • We recommend you remove your hand from the strap when descending a gradient