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Poles for ultra runners, light weight hiking, backpacking and paragliding.  For all challenges that require lightweight, strong and reliable kit.

The Trail Blaze and Skyrunner poles provide extra stability and for ultra running can easily be attached to race vests when not in use. Their compact size also makes them ideal for paragliding as the handy mesh storage bag allows you to store the poles in your harness  when flying. 

The Skyrunner Ultra is the latest addition to the Skyrunner range,  with carbon fibre connecting joints to make this probably the lightest pole on the market.

Using only premium quality alloy and making our own carbon fibre tubes ensures that the Trail Blaze and Skyrunner poles are a great choice for any event.

Skyrunner Ultra

4 section 100% carbon fibre trail pole, race baskets, mesh storage bag, tungsten carbide wear tip

Length   110cm - 103g,   115cm - 104g,   120cm - 105g,   125cm -106g,   130cm - 111g (see size guide below)


4 section carbon fibre trail pole, trekking baskets, mesh storage bag, tungsten carbide wear tip

Length   110cm - 110g,   115cm - 111g,   120cm - 112g,   125cm -113g,   130cm - 118g (see size guide below)

Trail Blaze

4 Section high performance aluminium alloy, trekking baskets, mesh storage bag, tungsten carbide wear tip.

Available in black, aqua, red, blue, orange, magenta, yellow and green.

Length   110cm - 122g,   115cm - 127g,   120cm - 132g,   125cm -137g,   130cm - 142g  (see size guide below)

- Trail Blaze/Skyrunner size guide for ultra running -

To check the pole length:

- Stand with your race shoes/boots on, elbow bent at 90 degrees and fist clenched as if holding a pole.

- Measure from the top of your thumb to the floor (easiest against a door frame).  This is a good guide to the best pole length for you.

- Shoe sole depth, arm and leg length all make a difference to the right pole length.

 - Please email us or call your retailer if you need more help.