How to  locate the knot in the cord for securing the Trail Blaze/Skyrunner

- Pull the cord firmly to locate the knot.

cord lockJPG

Lost baskets, rubber ferrules and tip protectors

- Replacement parts are available, contact your retailer or Mountain King.

Using on /off antishock (available on selected 3 section twist lock poles)

- The antishock is operated by tightening the middle section until a click is felt. Tighten a further quarter turn. At this point the antishock is off. 

- To turn on the antishock simply untighten the middle section slightly to feel the click again. The antishock is now turned on.

Using Speedlock poles

- The Speedlock is operated by flicking the lever open/closed.

- To adjust the tension to ensure the Speedlock is at its optimal setting, rotate the lever to adjust how firmly the lower section is secured.

Pole Care

Proper care of your pole should lead to many hours of problem free use. There are however a few basic rules to follow:

·         Store your poles dry

·         Do not clean with any lubricants

·         Do not over tighten or extend beyond the stop markings

 In addition, here are a few other helpful hints for your 3 section poles:

 ·        Remove your wrists from the wrist straps if there is a risk of falling.

.    Separate the three sections for a smaller pack size when putting poles in a rucksack/suitcase for traveling on aircraft to prevent damage.

·         With switchable on off antishock - switch the antishock off for uphill sections.

·         Using a pair of poles provides improved stability and ease of walking.

·         Use a Mountain King rubber ferrule when walking on pavements to prevent the pole slipping.