Mountain King Warranty

We offer a two year warranty covering manufacturing faults. This covers the initial purchaser of the poles must be supported by proof of purchase.


The following are not covered by warranty:

·                     normal wear and tear

·                     lost straps, lost sections, bags, rubber ferrules, tip protectors or any other lost parts

·                     parts damaged by dogs etc or through misuse

·                     broken straps, broken or worn tips, worn grips, expanders

·                     broken shafts where this is the result of accident/trips/falls or misuse

·                     inappropriate use of poles eg ultra light weight poles used for winter climbing/skiing

Returns /claims procedure:

The retailer is requested to contact Mountain King by phone/email in the event of a potential warranty claim.

Where replacement parts are required, these can either be supplied to the retailer for onward shipment or the customer can contact MK for the parts to be supplied directly.

No poles or parts will be replaced free of charge by Mountain King unless there is prior agreement and there is a manufacturing fault.

Any poles returned must be clean of mud and dirt. We reserve the right to decline repairing heavily soiled poles.